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1. Priorities: Steps to managing your priorities better and overcoming obstacles. How to use the ABCDE method to make excellent to-do lists?

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In this introduction module, we present a short history of the course. We explain why your action plan is the most important thing for you We review the course outline. You are asked to identify an expectation for the scores in your action plan.

  • Welcome
  • Video course: 1.0 introduction
  • Introduction: Action Plan

• Module 1: Do You Face These Situations? • Module 2: What Are the Potential Benefits of Efficiently Managing Your Priorities? • Module 3: What Are the Potential Benefits of Efficiently Managing Your Priorities? • Module 4: How Do You Make a Good To-Do List Using the ABCDE Method? • Module 5: Summary and Action Plan. Your action plan

Module 1: Do you currently face any of these situations in your workplace?

Module 2: What are the potential benefits of efficient priority management?
In this module 2, we will look at the advantages of having better control over your priorities. We'll talk about how to be more organized and less overwhelmed. We'll teach you about a live encounter with Peter Drucker, the management pioneer. And we were hoping you could come up with a reason to keep it and incorporate it into your action plan.

Module 3: What are the obstacles to priority management among leaders?
In this module, we examine the strategic obstacles impeding the priority management of leaders. Then, we allow you to assess your obstacles with a quiz. We present the five most critical barriers faced by leaders in managing priorities. Then, we ask you to identify an obstacle you will retain in your action plan.

Module 4: How do you make a good to-do list by using the ABCDE method??
This module looks at making a good to-do list using the ABCDE method. We present the concept of the ABCDE method. Then, we allow you to plan your next day using the method. 

Module 5: Summary and Action Plan
This module provides a summary of the course and allows you to work on your action plan. First, here are five things to keep in mind. Then you take a quiz to determine an important action you want to take starting tomorrow. You are welcome to leave a comment for other participants and become a member of the community of leaders who act.

Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI
This section offers a quiz of 8 questions which allows you to validate your skills and competencies while also preparing you for the certification of Leader in Certified Management (c) awarded by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI).

Application & Exercises 1.1

Application & Exercises 1.2

Application & Exercises 1.3

Book Performex Get better results- chapter

Course #1 : Congratulations

Course #1: Be part of the community of those take action!

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3 months ago
Thanks for the great knowledge!
4 months ago
Thank Performex for providing good knowledge & tips.
4 months ago
By following the ABCDE method, you can create a structured to-do list that ensures you focus on the most important tasks first while efficiently managing your time and resources.
5 months ago
I know now clear step to clear my work obstacles
5 months ago
Useful course for my team and I
5 months ago
This is a useful course, conveying almost the situations we encounter in regards to obstacles, goal setting, priorities management in the workplace.
5 months ago
5 months ago
The course offers valuable insights for leadership.
5 months ago
Easy to follow up
5 months ago
Very practical and can be good for applying at work.
Thank you
5 months ago
This course is an excellent fit for my daily work because of its practical lessons and activities.
5 months ago
gave a lot of useful tools
5 months ago
Very useful
5 months ago
practical and easy to apply at work!
5 months ago
Useful and practical
8 months ago
Perfect for my career growth!!!

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