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How to better manage your priorities? Mastering your priorities is a key to success in your work. In this journey, we will explore how to first master your priorities for yourself, validate them with your supervisor and colleagues. Then, how to establish effective collaboration with other departments and communicate the importance of your priorities to your organization’s leadership?

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Video: Overview Priority management

Video: Course details for priority management

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Quiz: Mention possible areas that you need to improve on when it comes to managing your priorities

Among the quiz questions, identify a motivating factor for the improvement of your leadership skills

Application & Exercices O.1

Article: Understanding The Leadership Knowledge

Question article 0.1

Application & Exercices O.2

Article: Top 3 Key Phrases for Developing Leadership

Question article 0.2

Application & Exercices O.3

Article: Effective Employee Development Starts With Managers

Question article 0.3

Book Performex Get better results- chapter

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Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI


Overview: Congratulations


What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Samuel Tremblay

This course has truly helped me better understand the importance of priority management in my work. The practical advice and exercises provided are extremely helpful.

Alexandre Dubé

The instructors are highly competent and available to answer all my questions. Their expertise and experience have been invaluable to me.

Simon Lachance

The content is suitable for all levels of proficiency and can be easily applied in the workplace.

Éric Lefebvre

I have learned many new priority management techniques that I had never considered before. I am highly satisfied with my training experience