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2. Priority: Better manage your priorities by evaluating your practices with the best leaders. Start prioritizing with the Ivy Lee Method

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In this introduction module, we present a short history of the course. We explain why your action plan is the most important thing for you We review the course outline. You are asked to identify an expectation for the scores in your action plan.

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  • Video course: 2.0 introduction
  • Introduction: Action Plan


Module 1: Do you currently face any of these situations in your workplace?

Module 2: Develop Your Motivation
In this second module, we work on developing your motivation. We present five quotations and ask you to identify an inspiring quote for you. You are being asked to identify a quotation and write it in your action plan to improve the management of your priority.

Module 3: An overview of the 5 best practices for effective priority management
Module 3: An overview of the 5 best practices for effective priority from seasoned leaders. We give you tips. We tell you that managing your priority is the most important thing to progress. Then, you identify one of the best practices you wish to develop at work.

Module 4: How To Make Good To-Do-Lists and Start Prioritizing Your Objectives Using Ivy Lee Method
In module 4, we discuss how to make a good to-do list and start prioritizing with the Ivy Lee method. You're being asked to practice this method and plan your activities for tomorrow.

Module 5: Summary and Action Plan
This module presents a course summary and allows you to work on your action plan. First, we give you 5 things to remember. Then, you do a quiz and identify an essential action you wish to take starting tomorrow. You're invited to leave a comment for other participants and be part of the community of leaders who act.

Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI
This section offers a quiz of 7 questions which allows you to validate your skills and competencies while also preparing you for the certification of Leader in Certified Management (c) awarded by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI).

Application & Exercices 2.1

Application & Exercises 2.2

Application & Exercises 2.3

Course #2: Congratulations

Course #2: Be part of the community of those who take action!

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2 months ago
Loved the Ivy Lee Method!!! So interesting and applicable to our every day!
3 months ago
Great course!
4 months ago
useful and easy understanding example.
4 months ago
Great course for long-term strategy for your career!
4 months ago
Thanks for practical tips.
4 months ago
I find it very helpful
5 months ago
Just completed a priority management course that exceeded my expectations. It taught the powerful Ivy Lee method for to-do lists, emphasized positive habits, and shared high-performance strategies. The focus on both practical and psychological aspects made it a game-changer for productivity and life balance. Highly recommend for those looking to transform their approach to daily tasks and achieve peak performance.
5 months ago
Great journey and fruitful knowledge. I will apply them immediately to my work next week.
5 months ago
This is good and valuable.
5 months ago
It is useful
5 months ago
It's a practical and useful course.
5 months ago
Love that.
5 months ago
very good
5 months ago
I love Ivy Lee method
5 months ago
Optimize priority management by benchmarking against industry leaders and implementing the structured and effective Ivy Lee Method to enhance focus and productivity
Course design is easy to following
Thank you
5 months ago
Very good course with practical lessons.
5 months ago
Very good
8 months ago
It was super helpful! Thanks!!!

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