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3. Priority : How to set up good priorities?

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In this introduction module, we present a short history of the course. We explain why your action plan is the most important thing for you We review the course outline. You are asked to identify an expectation for the scores in your action plan.

  • Welcome
  • Video Course: 3.0 Introduction
  • Introduction: Action plan

• Module 1: Do You Face These Situations? • Module 2: How To Develop You Develop Motivations? • Module 3: What Are the Five Steps to Writing and Creating Better Priority Management? • Module 4: How to Make Your Priorities SMART? • Module 5: Summary and Action Plan Your action plan

Module 1: Do you currently face these scenarios in your workplace?

Module 2: How to develop your Motivations?
In this second module, we will work on improving your motivation. We read 5 quotations and ask you to write a quote that inspires you in your action plan in your own words.

Module 3: What Are the Five Steps to Writing and Creating Better Priority Management?
In this module, we will look at the strategy roadblocks that prevent leaders from managing their priorities effectively. We offer you the opportunity to take a quiz to help you overcome the most significant barrier to better managing your priorities. You identify something you want to keep and include it in your action plan.

Module 4: How to Make Your Priorities SMART?
This module focuses on ensuring that your priorities are sound. Then, we present the five most important factors for making your preferences SMART. Finally, we give you the opportunity to use the SMART method to put one of your priorities into action. You will validate your priorities by conducting a SMART test to determine where you can improve.

Module 5: Summary and Action Plan
This module provides a summary of the course and allows you to work on your action plan. First, here are five things to keep in mind. Then you take a quiz to determine an important action you want to take starting tomorrow. You are welcome to leave a comment for other participants and become a member of the community of leaders who act.

Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI
This section offers a quiz of 7 questions which allows you to validate your skills and competencies while also preparing you for the certification of Leader in Certified Management (c) awarded by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI).

Application & Exercises 3.1

Application & Exercises 3.2

Application & Exercises 3.3

Book Performex Get better results- chapter
Take a few minutes to read the chapter and answer the accompanying question.

Course #3: Congratulations

Course #3: Be part of the community those who take action!

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Beneficial course!
3 days ago
Course are useful to me
5 days ago
I think this course is very helpful
1 week ago
Clear, concise, and practical.
2 weeks ago
Great course
2 weeks ago
This course is useful to me cause it provides, summarize the foundations of what I have been missing for a long time.
3 weeks ago
This course is very relevant to my role in business development, providing practical strategies such as the Pareto principle that directly help improve my work and project management efficiency.
Very good course
4 weeks ago
The course gives us a systematic method to set up good priorities is extremely valuable and practical.
1 month ago
I find this course really helpful
1 month ago
The course quite matches with my working environment, and valid to build improvements for my leadership skills.
1 month ago
It is very useful
2 months ago
Thank you
2 months ago
useful tools
5 months ago
Highly recommended for all professionals!!!

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