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4. Priority: How to quickly complete your priorities using the expected results method?

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  • Welcome
  • Video: Course 4.0 Introduction
  • Introduction: Action Plan

• Module 1: Do You Face Any Of These Situations? • Module 2: The Expected Results Method (Concepts and Principles). • Module 3: Defining the Concept of Indicator and Processes and Application Exercise. • Module 4: Take me meeting you need to organized with your teammates • Module 5: Summary and Action Plan Your action plan

Module 1: Do you currently face any of these scenarios in your workplace?

Module 2: The Expected Results Method (Concepts and Principles)
The expected result method for improving and facilitating priority management is presented in module two. We provide examples of challenges that leaders face in their annual evaluations, as well as strategies for improving feedback from your boss on your activities. Finally, we provide a few examples of properly formulated expected results and ask you to take a quiz to ensure your understanding.

Module 3: Defining the Concept of Indicator and Processes and Application Exercise
Module 3 introduces the concept of an indicator as well as one of the processes. First, we demonstrate how indicators are required to measure your success, as well as why you require processes and a set of actions to support your priority. Following that, we'll give you three examples of well-formulated priorities and give you the opportunity to take a quiz to test your comprehension. Finally, we allow you to implement this in your action plan.

Module 4

Module 5 – Summary and Action Plan
This module presents a course summary and allows you to work on your action plan. First, we give you 5 things to remember. Then, you do a quiz and identify an essential action you wish to take starting tomorrow. You're invited to leave a comment for other participants and be part of the community of leaders who act.

Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI
This section offers a quiz of 5 questions which allows you to validate your skills and competencies while also preparing you for the certification of Leader in Certified Management (c) awarded by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI).

Application & Exercises 4.1

Application & Exercises 4.2

Application & Exercises 4.3

Course #4: Congratulations

Course #4: Be part of the community of those Who take action!

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11 Ratings
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3 days ago
The course provided insightful lessons on distinguishing between task-oriented and result-oriented leadership styles. It emphasized the importance of focusing on desired outcomes, guiding me to prioritize results over task completion. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for the helpful course
1 week ago
The course improves my approach to task management which focuses on result-oriented attainment.
2 weeks ago
This course is useful to me and people who looks for the technique to enhance your skills at priority management
Thank you
1 month ago
this course is really great and supports me a lot in my working life
1 month ago
It is a good course. If you have many goals, KPIs, targets, and feeling out of control to managing those expectations, applying the Expected Results Method is an advice.
1 month ago
very good
1 month ago
5 months ago
I feel much confident in my ability to prioritise my tasks!!!

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