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6. Priority : How to work and collaborate better with your teammates?

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In this introduction module, we present a short history of the course. We explain why your action plan is the most important thing for you We review the course outline. You are asked to identify an expectation for the scores in your action plan.

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  • Introduction: Action Plan

Module 1: Do You Face Any Of These Situations? • Module 2: The Benefits of Discussing Your Priorities With Your Teammates. • Module 3: The Three Reasons Why Your Coworkers Are Not Fully Cooperating With You. • Module 4: How to Clarify Your Priorities Better With Your Teammates With the 5 Best Practices. • Module 5: Summary and Action Plan Your action plan

Module 1: Do you currently face these situations in your workplace?

Module 2: The benefits of team discussion when it comes to work priorities
In module two, we'll teach why it's important to communicate your priorities to your teammates. Then we look at ways to improve the spiritual building of your team. Finally, you take a quiz to determine why you should improve your priority management with your teammates.

Module 3: The three reasons why your coworkers may not be fully cooperating with you
Module 3 examines the three reasons why your colleagues are not fully cooperating with you. First, we look at the cases of some leaders and discuss why, despite your explanation, your colleagues frequently continue to act the same way they did before. Finally, we enable you to identify an action to improve an aspect of managing your priorities

Module 4: How to use the 5 best practices for better priority clarification with the team
In module 4, we'll look at how to communicate your priorities better to your teammates. First, we'll through the top five best practices that you can implement at work. Then you take the quiz to see what you can put into practice, and we'll help you identify action in your action plan to improve collaboration with your teammates.

Module 5 – Summary and Action Plan
This module presents a course summary and allows you to work on your action plan. First, we give you 5 things to remember. Then, you do a quiz and identify an essential action you wish to take starting tomorrow. You're invited to leave a comment for other participants and be part of the community of leaders who act.

Quiz: Become a Certified Management Leader© with LMDI
This section offers a quiz of 9 questions which allows you to validate your skills and competencies while also preparing you for the certification of Leader in Certified Management (c) awarded by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI).

Application & Exercises 6.1

Application & Exercises 6.2

Application & Exercises 6.3

Course #6: Congratulations

Course #6: Be part of the community of those Who take action!

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Thanks for great course for enhancing teammates collaboration.
1 week ago
very attractive and applicable course
2 weeks ago
The lessons are clear, practical, and immediately applicable in a professional setting. It has significantly improved my approach to working in a team.
2 weeks ago
The course gives me practical knowledge to foster the engagement and collaboration of my teams with me and my company.
2 weeks ago
This course have me a lot of practical lesson to apply to my works
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
The course has shared some useful tips and good practices that I can apply in managing team collaboration. You can found those, too.
Thank you
1 month ago
very good
2 months ago
Very helpful course with many take-away.

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